A Driving Force Behind Safety on Our Roads

A Driving Force Behind Safety on Our Roads

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30% of all reported road worker accidents are associated with manual handling.

  1. Laying out traffic cones and barriers on some of the UK's busiest roads, workers need precision handling in all conditions.
  2. Their gloves had neither the durability nor the grip for use in dry, wet and oily conditions
  3. The cones' surface is often wet and oily from road spray and hasty stacking.
  4. Just one fumbled six-kilo cone a few feet from fast moving traffic could result in a devastating accident.

Our Solution

Grip It® Oil provides the workers with ultimate abrasion protection and gripping ability.

  • The workers trialled more than 20 gloves.
  • Using their one-handed technique, the workers lifted and placed cones from their impact protection vehicle under simulated conditions.
  • Collaborating with our product specialists, the workers finally agreedthat the Grip It Oil offered the best grip in all conditions, along with strong abrasion resistance and long life expectancy.