Our Values

Our Values

At Polyco Healthline, we're committed to excellence in everything we do - from wrapping pallets to Board-level presentations.

It's not unusual to see our Directors walk the warehouse floor, ensuring everyone feels part of the family.

All our efforts among our 200+ staff are underpinned by the same company values. While the four pillars below might seem run-of-the-mill, our interpretation of these founding principles makes them unique to us. There's really no other business in the world quite like Polyco Healthline.

Our values. We keep it simple, we work together, we are ambitious, we care.

  • We keep it simple Since selling our first coverall in 1968, we've kept our feet firmly on the ground. We like it that way. And we've found our customers do too. In business, it's easy for things to get overcomplicated. But rest assured, "simple" does not mean "trivial". In fact, more often than not, to create simpler processes requires more work. We scrutinise practices, reduce excess and optimise wherever we can.
  • We work together Although our Centre of Excellence and Distribution is located in Bourne, Lincolnshire, our company is spread far and wide. We have two satellite offices in Central and South London, with additional staff dotted around the UK and overseas. By leveraging technology to negate those distances, we champion collaboration among ourselves and then extend that spirit to our customers and partners.
  • We are ambitious Clearly defined goals and agile processes don't give us time for perfectionism. Instead we support each other to deliver the best work we can and then share successes with our clients, so their businesses can grow and prosper.
  • We care You might think this goes without saying when supplying the Health and Safety industry. But we make sure every activity is laced with care. Customer interactions are our highest priority and always conducted with a personal touch. And we feel deep satisfaction knowing that our protection and hygiene solutions aren't just fit for purpose, but perfectly fit the individuals wearing them.

Charitable Activity

We have big hearts. But beyond our 9-to-5 responsibilities, we also give to numerous organisations and hold charity events throughout the year.