SafeDon™ - The Future of Glove Dispensing Here Now

SafeDon™ - The Future of Glove Dispensing Here Now

Introducing SafeDon™

The world's first glove dispensing system that presents gloves cuff first.

In every way, SafeDon is a healthier, faster, smaller, cheaper, greener glove than its 40-year-old counterpart. Here's why: 


SafeDon gloves are made by robots, not humans. From forming to packing, at no point are SafeDon gloves touched. 100% of the time they leave the factory contamination-free - with the bonus reduction in labour costs.


While one shipping container can hold 2.2 million traditional gloves, 3.5 million SafeDon gloves fit in the same space. This reduces carbon miles, but also means your warehouse or stock room can hold 50% more gloves.


It's impossible to take more than one SafeDon glove at a time. Interleaved when packed and presented cuff-first, zero gloves will spill. This means each pack of gloves lasts around 10% longer and creates no accidental waste.


Always taking a new glove by the cuff, you never touch any critical surfaces while putting it on. An independent study confirmed that SafeDon effectively reduces cross-contamination by 96%.


With no extra time spent dealing with accidental spills and with uniform glove presentation, SafeDon dispensers allow you to put your gloves on quickly and hygienically so you can get on with your task.

How Traditional Gloves Become Contaminated

As this diagram shows, it's easy for traditional glove dispensing boxes become contaminated over time.

safedon infection journey gloves

glove contaminated under black light safedon

Hospital-acquired infections (HCAIs) are a growing concern in today's healthcare environment. 

The most common way to transmit micro-organisms is through hands.

SafeDon Viruses

Gloves alone cannot always stop that transmission. Unchanged in their design for over 40 years, traditional glove boxes and their gloves frequently become contaminated due to the constant touch of multiple users.

Can you imagine a world without HCAIs? We can.



The SafeDon system will provide an effective infection control solution for use in environments where hygiene is essential. From the first to the last glove, the quality of delivery and the maintenance of cleanliness is assured.

-Dr David Bull, MD and Broadcaster

Ready to dramatically reduce cross contamination?

By switching to SafeDon's cuff first dispensing technology you will:

  • Nearly eradicate HCAIs in your healthcare environment
  • Free up 37% extra storage space
  • Lose zero gloves to accidental waste

Contact us and speak to our highly trained staff to learn your next steps. Trial the system and partner with us to deliver more hygienic healthcare.


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SafeDon gloves are the perfect hygienic dispensing solution for healthcare, food preparation and laboratory environments. Contact us today to book a no-obligation consultation with a SafeDon Specialist.