We've Achieved Our ISO 150001 Energy Standard

We've Achieved Our ISO 150001 Energy Standard

It’s now a legal requirement for all UK companies to have an energy management plan.

Not willing simply to tick a box, we at Polyco Healthline decided to go one step further and strive for ISO 50001 acreditation from BSI. This is because we truly believe that we can become more efficient in terms of our energy consumption.

Steve McCarthy – our Group Logistics & Regulatory Affairs Manager in Bourne, Lincolnshire – headed up the initiative:

“The testing was rigorous but forced us to put in place true energy benchmarking measures to be reviewed on a regular basis. Some early practical steps were simple:

  • – adding daylight saving devices in our warehouse
  • – using more efficient charging modules for the forklifts
  • – turning off lights when warehouse sections were not in use
  • – ensuring that our transport vehicles are more economical, running on diesel with drivers trained to be more fuel efficient.”

After careful analysis, the team also recognised that HPC Healthline’s logistics can make ensure better load planning, going from a piece-meal delivery pattern to aggregating shipments and creating fuller loads. Steve said:

“Originally, the goal was to reduce the organisation’s overall energy usage by 8%, but after building a second warehouse at our Bourne facility, we sought to run at the same energy levels across both units, which we have achieved.

“We also have a goal to use 2% less diesel and are on track to do so in 2016. Additionally, we now measure kilowatt hours per pallet handled. Running at almost double the efficiency, we now handle each pallet at 1.3 kWhs whereas before we ran at 2.5 kWhs.”

With the standard and its monitoring now in place, we and consequently our customers can look forward to a far more streamlined and efficient logistics, keeping the impact of rising energy costs to a minimum in our prices – all in the knowledge that we are doing our part to help the environment.

ISO 50001 is an International Standard that encourages the latest best practice in energy management. Energy experts from over 60 countries colluded to establish its parameters. The standard describes an energy management system which any organisation can develop and implement a policy, creating energy reduction goals.