Brexit Planning - 1st January 2021

Brexit Planning - 1st January 2021

Over the past 9 months the UK has been in a Brexit transition period; effectively trading as though we are still
part of the European Union, this period ends on the 31st December 2020.

At this point there is no certainty that we will or will not be leaving the EU with a trade deal. The governments
position has not been finalised however, as a business, we are ready and have prepared for all likely
outcomes, including a No-Deal Brexit (worst-case scenario).

  • We have an established EU Representative in place allowing us to be fully compliant and able to sell into Europe.
  • Our export logistics and customs clearance procedures are already in place through partnerships with our carriers.
  • Our internal systems are now fully Brexit prepared in the incidence of a No-Deal.
  • The vast majority of our stocks are purchased outside of the EU and will not be affected by the Brexit process, but may continue to be affected by COVID-19 demands.
  • We remain in contact with our customs advisors and specialists to ensure we can move quickly depending on the results of any last-minute trade negotiations. As we speak, tariffs or clearance charges have yet to be confirmed.
  • We are in contact with professional bodies in respect of any changes or requirements for CE markings and certificates for our products.

We will continue to work with our international customers, supply partners and carriers to address
documentation and process concerns raised as we prepared to leave the EU without a deal back in November

We do not currently anticipate any delays, however any setbacks caused by the transition process out
of the EU may in turn impact us and cause delays.

As details of a trade deal (or No-Deal) with the EU are confirmed, and if these changes affect our
business or our customers, we will communicate this as and when we have the relevant information.

If you require further information on trading with the UK after Brexit, please refer to