Brexit - Polyco Healthline contingency plan

Brexit - Polyco Healthline contingency plan

The UK Parliament has backed a Brexit deal and the UK will be leaving the EU on 31st January 2020.  This deal includes a transition period until at least 31st December 2020, allowing time for a trade deal to be agreed between UK and Europe. During this transition period the UK will effectively remain within the EU. What happens after the 31stDecember 2020 will depend upon the outcome of the trade negotiations.

How does this affect Polyco Healthline and its customers?

We dont expect this to have a great impact on our business at this point as trading with the EU will remain the same until a trade deal is negotiated between the UK & EU. As the vast majority of goods The Polyco Healthline Group supply are manufactured in Asia, the supply chain that is currently in operation (goods transported from Asia to a UK port then on to our logistics hub in Lincolnshire) will not change; and on average we have of 8-12 weeks stock cover at any one time.

We remain in contact with our customs advisors and specialists to ensure we can move quickly depending on the progress of trade negotiations.  We are also in contact with professional bodies in respect of any changes or requirements for CE markings and certificates for our products.

We will continue to work with our international customers, supply partners and carriers to address documentation and process concerns raised as we prepared to leave the EU without a deal back in November 2019.

As details of a trade deal with the EU are confirmed, and if these changes affect our business or our customers, we will communicate this as and when we have the relevant information.

If you require further information on trading with the UK after Brexit, please refer to