British Science Week 2019 " Meet Our Newest Laboratory Scientist

British Science Week 2019 " Meet Our Newest Laboratory Scientist

To Celebrate British Science Week 2019 we caught up with our newest Laboratory Scientist, and recent De Montfort University graduate, Aatequah Zaib to find out all about life in the lab and why she chose to pursue a career in science.

Thank you for taking the time to help us celebrate British Science Week and answer these questions for us. Youve recently graduated and joined Polyco Healthline. Can you tell us anymore about your time at university and your degree?

“I studied Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science at De Montfort University and graduated in July 2018.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at university and how it helped me to expand on my scientific knowledge. The course had an equal amount of practical work to theory and therefore allowed me to be more involved and play an active role in my learning process. The overall teaching-learning and sharing environment between students, professors and all other members of staff was great and made the 3 years at university more enjoyable.

Thats great. What is it you are doing here at Polyco Healthline?

“My role at Polyco Healthline is described as ‘Laboratory Scientist. This involves performing large amounts of chemical and physical tests to ensure products meet all the requirements needed. In addition to this, I have to write up several reports, ensure all paperwork is up to date and that all forms of testing are entered into the system along with their results and findings. Working in the lab also includes the calibration and maintenance of any equipment used to ensure all results are valid and reliable. Life in the lab is challenging, stressful at times but very rewarding. Every day is different with new opportunities, prospects and several different chances to improve.

That sounds so interesting. Can you tell us anymore about some experiments youve been working on?

“The project I have just finished working on was with the NHS. Various different surgical gloves which are supplied to the NHS by Polyco Healthline were tested against bone cement. The gloves were tested before and after contact with the bone cement to see how the physical properties of the glove changed over a small period of time and how this would affect the customer wearing the glove which in this case was a surgeon. These tests gave a better understanding as to why it is so important to find and supply the perfect product to our customers.

It definitely sounds like a very rewarding role. What was is that made you decide to pursue a career in science?

“I chose to pursue a career in science after I realised it was the most enjoyable subject in primary school and through to secondary. Science is the reason behind everything we do in life and there is so much to learn. The opportunities are endless and the thrill of discovering new things is what makes all the hard work worth it. Studying science helps you to think logically as well as outside the box. It develops your problem-solving skills which is not only important in science but all kinds of jobs.

Overall, being a scientist for me is not just a job but a career, my degree Is just the start. In the future I hope to expand on my knowledge and experience whether that is studying further or trying new and different job roles to discover what I enjoy most.

Well we wish you all the best and are very pleased to have you here at Polyco Healthline. Before you go though, do you have any advice for younger people looking to embark on a career in science?

“Do what you enjoy. If you arent sure, find relevant work experience and try new things. That is the only thing which will really help you decide and will also be helpful in your future job search.

Thank you Aatequah. Happy British Science Week 2019 and welcome to the company.