KLEAN Wash Glove Range - your antimicrobial solution

KLEAN Wash Glove Range - your antimicrobial solution

Back to work? Weve no doubt that you have got all the new safety measures in place but we would like to talk to you about adding an extra one to your list.

With more and more industries reopening their doors and the threat of covid-19 still very much present we must remain vigilant and stay safe, especially when it comes to hand hygiene.

Industrial workers are faced with the risk of a hand injury on a daily basis but the pandemic has recently reminded us all of many invisible threats we need to contend with in this new post-lockdown world.

This is why we are launching the KLEANTM Wash Glove range. A carefully selected range of reusable gloves enhanced with antimicrobial solutions for added protection.

Working with two leading brands that specialise in antimicrobial technologies, we have combined science with the latest glove manufacturing techniques.

Here is a short introductory video


The KLEANTM Wash Glove range will not only provide a large choice of glove styles, it will also protect users from harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.

These most commonly infect people when they touch their face, and the most common ways a glove user will touch their face is when they wipe sweat away with the fabric back of the glove or remove the gloves to touch their face with their bare hand.

The KLEANTM Wash Glove range will not only offer antimicrobial protection in both these cases, it will also protect from unpleasant odours linked to bacteria growth and will keep gloves fresher for longer.

We have more information to share soon. Watch our social media channels for release dates on each of the new technologies.

A safer future with The KLEANTM Wash Glove range.