Alison Pearson completes 50k Race to the Stones

Alison Pearson completes 50k Race to the Stones

Alison Pearson is the Lead Supply and Demand Planner at Polyco Healthline tasked with the responsibility of looking after our cotton category and working closely with retailers. In addition to working at Polyco Healthline, Alison is passionate about giving back and recently completed the gruelling 50k Race to the Stones which raised funds for the Saracens Sport Foundation. Over 2,400 people participated in the race in Oxfordshire, but with soaring temperatures 900 people dropped out. With her eye firmly on the prize, Alison endured the heat and triumphantly crossed the finishing line.

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Voted the best endurance event in the UK, this year's Race to the Stones was focused on raising funds for The Saracens Sport Foundation which uses the power of sport to change the lives of children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Fresh from her 50k Race to the Stones victory, Alison talks about how her charity work fuels her professional life and helps to keep her motivated.

How did you become involved with Saracens Sport Foundation?

Through my support of Saracens Rugby Club, I have become more involved in all aspects of the club. As we are a group of like-minded supporters, we decided to raise money for the Saracens Sport Foundation by pushing ourselves beyond our limits.

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What was it like participating in the 50k race?

It was extremely hot, the conditions underfoot were rock hard all the time, the terrain was never flat, but having my friends around to support me helped so much to complete the challenge.

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How does charity work feed your professional life and help keep you motivated?

Working as a team during these charity events makes me realise how important it is to work together professionally. I feel it helps my relationships with other departments as the group of friends I walk with are all different characters but I enjoy the camaraderie we share.