No deal’ Brexit- Polyco Healthline contingency plan

No deal’ Brexit- Polyco Healthline contingency plan

The vast majority of goods that The Polyco Healthline Group supply are manufactured in Asia. The supply chain that is currently in operation (goods transported from Asia to a UK port then on to our logistics hub in Lincolnshire) will not change.

 As a business we hold an average of 8-12 weeks stock cover at any one time, we have committed to hold additional stock on key lines to minimise the receipt of stock into the UK at the beginning of November 2019 as there is a risk that a ‘no deal’ Brexit could cause congestion and delays at the ports.

For items sourced in the EU, we are currently working with our supply partners to avoid moving goods during the immediate period after 31/10/19 and to increase our key line stock cover for the period after that date, in the event of there being logistical and/or legal issues to contend with.

 We do not feel that it is necessary for our customers to over order stock as we do not foresee that there will be noticeable impact to the service that we deliver to our customers.

 We will, however, continue to monitor the situation and if any disruption of service or stock deficits are anticipated we will update our customers as required.

If you require further information on trading with the UK after Brexit, please view the publication on the UK Government’s website.