Polyco Healthline join forces with homeless charity, The House of St Barnabas

Polyco Healthline join forces with homeless charity, The House of St Barnabas

According to recent statistics, there are over 320,000 people nationwide who are homeless. Over half of Britains homeless population are living in London with 170,000 people estimated to be roughing it in the capital. In a bid to tackle this issue, The House of St Barnabas was set up.

Providing people with support and training, The House of St Barnabas finds long-term paid employment by placing them on a three-month employment programme. Driven by the belief that gaining and maintaining paid work is instrumental to independence and security, The House of St Barnabas charity operates with the belief that tackling homelessness is more than just getting people off the streets.

Aware of the complex issues faced by homeless people, The House of St Barnabas offer structured support and mentoring for up to a year, helping graduates find, keep, and progress in work. According to The House of St Barnabas, many graduates have recommended friends to join the programme and share the same successes.

The companys CEO Sandra Schembri says she is proud of the work the charity has done in alleviating homelessness. ‘Im looking forward to telling people more stories like that of Maria, who used her time at the house as a springboard to a career as an ambulance care assistant and an assured tenancy on her home. The support we receive to help us do the work we do is having a real impact on peoples lives.

To support the important work The House of St Barnabas is doing we are delighted to donate £2931 from sales of VENDGL200, VENDGL890 & GL500 during the month of April to this worthy cause. Executive Director Lesley Lindberg said of this great contribution "Our job at Polyco Healthline is to help everyone stay safe and clean. On this occasion some of the proceeds from our products will help the homeless of London through House of St Barnabas. We appreciate the great response from customers and staff and the great work at the charity helping homeless individuals get back on their feet and back in the workplace."

Thank you to all our customers who shopped and joined us in helping break the cycle of homelessness.