Views from the Construction Industry

Views from the Construction Industry

At Polyco Healthline were all about the evolution of the glove. Were constantly exploring ways to improve performance through design and materials and were always excited to see how the industries we operate in embrace technology.

As our Technical Director, Bernard Garvey, explains: “At Polyco Healthline, weve always been proactive and inquisitive, looking at ideas and technologies that, on the surface, dont seem to apply to what we do " but might do.

Such is the case with our touch sensitivity tech which we have developed into our Matrix Touch 1 gloves. We totally get the annoyance of having to take off your gloves to use any sort of electronic device, which continue to play such an influential role in the industries we supply for. Well with Polyco you dont have to! Whether you are drawing up architectural plans, construction blueprints or simply texting the other half dinner plans, our gloves make it simple and easy to do whilst still wearing them.

And whats more, we have advanced this technology in our latest range of Hydro gloves set for release on the 1st November 2016. Tactile touch sensitive fingertips enable the wearer to use touch screen machinery or portable touch screen devices with precision and without the need to remove the glove. Just remember though that while the new gloves might be water-repellent, your iPad probably still isnt and we cant be held liable for that…

So with this incredible technology already woven into the heart of our intelligent gloves, the question is, what next for wearable protective clothing? Could augmented reality ever become a part of glove technology? Will we one day be able to move CAD drawings around in the actual environment?

If you remember the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, our diminutive hero often spend time moving images around with his hands, so whos to say gloves wont open up a new world of possibilities? Research firm Markets­AndMarkets predicts that augmented reality will be a $659 million business by 2018 and If it ever does become a technological possibility you can be sure Polyco Healthline will be at the forefront of the glove evolution…so watch this space!