Michael Knight " The Public Healthcare Expert

Michael Knight " The Public Healthcare Expert

Area Sales Manager Michael has been with the company for 22 years, 11 of which were in Sales. He has no less than seven other family members working for Polyco Healthline " he even met his wife here.

Today, Michael specialises in selling cross-contamination solutions and PPE to the NHS. He holds an advanced Medical Industry Accreditation, which allows him access to the UKs biggest hospital trusts. He routinely conducts study days (mini conferences for nurses), glove audits, sluice room audits and even surgical glove trials in the operating theatre.

For him, his job satisfaction lies in knowing that hes improved so many hospitals infection control. Because of the training, advice and products he offers, both staff and patients are better protected.

So Michael, what question are you asked most frequently?

“How can I optimise my PPE budget? The healthcare sector, especially the Public sector is under intense pressure to reduce costs and yet they recognise the need to maintain infection control strategies, minimise risks and making sure that their gloves are always in good supply. As examination gloves have become highly commoditised, and cost benefit analysis is marginalised, thats where I come in as a trusted support.

What questions do you wish were asked more frequently?

I would love to hear questions about the cost of labour in the manufacturing process and about what we can do to save on glove wastage. With todays tightly packed glove dispensers, its almost impossible to remove one glove at a time from a newly opened box. This results in a large number of gloves spilling and becoming clinical waste " often without ever having been used.

What do you feel is the biggest problem within the health and safety industry?

Fuel and freight costs are the same for every supplier. So, the only option is to sell a thinner glove, which breaks more frequently and creates more waste. This means buying the cheapest glove is often a false economy.

How do Polyco Healthlines products and/or services address that problem?

Polyco Healthline innovated an alternative product that solves all the problems to do with quality, waste and challenges buyers to think differently and buy better for their company. That alternative is SafeDon™. Its cuff-first, reliable dispensing offers a holistic solution, ticking all the boxes for amazing infection prevention, waste reduction and overall cost savings. It lets us and our SafeDon customers really stand out from the crowd.

What is your favourite product and why?

I really enjoy selling the GX994 " a powder free, blue nitrile examination glove. Packed in poly-refill packs instead of boxes, these reduce material, shipping and transport costs. More gloves fit on a pallet and, as a SafeDon product, it dramatically reduces cross-contamination. I believe this way of supplying and dispensing gloves have potential to replace market leading gloves packaged in old-fashioned dispensers.

What future innovation will have the greatest impact on your industry specialism? What will change?

Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAIs) are still a problem in hospitals and trusts. As treatments for these bugs become less and less effective, even more pressure will be put on healthcare providers to reduce infection through other means. Our plan is to offer SafeDon as a perfect way to cut the spread of HAIs. Not only is the cuff-first dispensing an amazing innovation, but we plan to encourage hospitals to dispense the glove closer to the patient, which will reduce the chance of contamination further.

Why are you proud to sell and represent Polyco Healthline products and services?

I love that innovation is the name of the game for us. So many colleagues are always having so many great ideas " from the Board of Directors on down. Were always looking to do things differently: from manufacturing, to logistics, to the ideas behind our products. Theres some amazing technology available.

How are you able to provide the greatest value to Polyco Healthline customers?

Ive learned two main things during my career: 1. anyone can sell cheap gloves and 2. without the customer theres nothing.

At Polyco Healthline, we always look after our customers. We have many long-standing relationships and we like to adopt a down to earth approach. They trust that their needs are our primary concern, for example, if an infection control unit needs marketing support or some training " well go out of our way to provide that. After years of working on the ground with hospital staff, from nurses to surgeons, I offer a wealth of specialist knowledge and understanding. This is incredibly useful to encourage best practices in infection control and help hospital procurement fully understand the need. Together with my team, we work alongside our customers and provide a lot of added value.