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The Future of Glove Dispensing

Introducing SafeDon® 

SafeDon® delivers automation, glove standardization and improvements in packaging which can significantly benefit these four key areas:

Cross Contamination

Money Saving



The Challange

Hospital acquired infections are a major concern in a healthcare environment. One of the most common routes of transmission being through hands. Studies have shown that traditional glove dispensers, boxes and gloves frequently become contaminated due to the constant unavoidable touch of multiple users. Gloves can increase the risk of cross contamination and reduce the safety of both the wearer and the patient.

The SafeDon™ System

  • SafeDon® is a pioneer in infection control. The SafeDon® dispensing system is 96% more effective at reducing cross contamination than ordinary glove dispensers.
  • SafeDon® manufacture: SafeDon® automated technology strips, interleaves and packs gloves with no human intervention. The first touch to a glove is at the point of use.
  • SafeDon® packing: Automated interleaving optimises all available space inside the dispenser. Traditional boxes are not packed efficiently. They are poorly layered and contain air increasing the cost of storage and transportation.
  • SafeDon® materials: SafeDon® offers a variety of materials for glove dispensers. Automated packing using cardboard, paper and polythene reduces contamination and the weight of the finished product thereby reducing waste, transportation costs and Co2 footprint.
  • SafeDon® interleaving: Automated interleaving guarantees only 1 glove is dispensed at a time, reducing wastage by a minimum of 10%.

Hospital-acquired infections (HCAIs) are a growing concern in today's healthcare environment.

Hospital-acquired infections (HCAIs) are a growing concern in today's healthcare environment. This has become even more apparent since COVID-19. The importance of having the cleanest and safest glove, has never been more imperative. 

The most common way to transmit micro-organisms is through hands. 

Reduce the risk of cross contamination by up to 96%

Gloves dispensed cuff first, stop users from touching the glove’s most critical surfaces: thumb, fingers and palm.

Gloves dispensed individually prevent the potential contamination of other gloves in the box.

Box holders ensure the box itself is not touched and is kept away from potentially infected surfaces.

Reduce waste by up to 10%

Cuff 1st™ dispensing stops gloves from sticking together, reducing wastage.

Dispensing one glove at a time provides easier and quicker donning.

SafeDon® dispensers reduce or eliminate cardboard waste compared to traditional glove packaging.

Reduce storage and distribution costs by up to 25%

The compact SafeDon® packaging designs ensure more efficient pallet loads, reducing storage and transportation and overall logistic costs compared to traditional exam glove boxes.

SafeDon® is the world’s first glove dispensing system that presents gloves cuff first. In every way it is a healthier, faster, smaller, greener glove than its 40-year-old counterpart.

Manufacturing: SafeDon® gloves are manufactured using robotic automation resulting in zero human handling. From forming to packing, at no point are SafeDon® gloves touched by human hand. They are the cleanest glove out of the factory gate.

Shipping and storage: SafeDon® enables palletisation at source for the first time. Downstream warehouses and stock rooms can hold up to 25% more SafeDon gloves in the same space.

Dispensing: It is impossible to take more than one SafeDon® glove from the box at a time. Interleaved when packed and presented cuff-first, zero gloves will spill. 

This means each pack of gloves lasts around 10% longer and creates no accidental waste. Wall-mounted SafeDon® holders mean you never have to touch the,dispenser, reducing cross contamination.

Donning: By always pulling a glove out by the cuff, there is no accidental touch to any critical surface while putting it on. Independent hospital studies confirm that SafeDon® effectively reduces cross-contamination by 96%.

Productivity: With no accidental spills and with uniform glove presentation, SafeDon® allows you to put your gloves on quickly so you can get on with your task.

SafeDon® is clearly the cleanest, greenest, most cost-effective single-use glove dispensing system in the world.


SafeDon gloves are the perfect hygienic dispensing solution for healthcare, food preparation and laboratory environments. Contact us today to book a no-obligation consultation with a SafeDon Specialist. 

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