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Taskmaster™ 30cm Natural Latex Gauntlet

    Unit of issue:
  • 12 pairs per polybag / 48 pairs per case


  • EN 388:2016 +A1 2018


  • EN 374-1:2016+A1:2018 Type A


  • EN 374-5:2016
  • EN 407:2020


  • Food Safe
  • contains latex
Product Highlights
  • Roughened surface on the hand for safer handling of both wet and dry objects
  • Brushed cotton interlock liner
  • Achieves type A chemical resistance according to EN ISO 374-1, for protection against at least 6 different chemicals
Length :
  • 30cm
Heat Resistant :
  • Heat resistant to contact heat level 1 to broaden real world application suitability
Fit :
  • Ergonomic design offers a natural fit giving extra flexibility and comfort to the wearer
Primary Coating Polymer :
  • Latex
Virus/Non Virus Standard :
  • Conforms with the requirements of EN ISO 374-5, for protection against bacteria & fungi
Chemical Resistant :
  • Provides protection against a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents
Reusable Gloves Standards :
  • Tested in compliance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for Food contact
Taskmaster is our extremely tough latex gauntlet built on a cotton interlock liner. The hand surface has been roughened to provide excellent grip. Taskmaster is incredibly long lasting, and protects against a wide variety of chemicals, mechanical hazards, and contact heat, making it perfect for both chemical and handling activities.
Product Colour : Blue
Packing : 12 pairs per polybag / 48 pairs per case
Size Range : 8-11
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pdf 850 Taskmaster Gauntlet Data Sheet pdf 723.1 KB Download
pdf 850 Taskmaster Gauntlet CE Conformity Statement pdf 173.3 KB Download
pdf 850 Taskmaster Gauntlet Chemical Resistance Guide pdf 138.8 KB Download
pdf Food Compatibility Chart - Reusable Gloves pdf 82.9 KB Download
pdf Taskmaster™ 30cm Natural Latex Gauntlet Food Contact Statement pdf 202.9 KB Download

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Contains latex which may cause allergic reactions, including anaphylactic response.
Contains accelerator chemicals which may cause type IV skin irritation and contact dermatitis in sensitised individuals.
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