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SuperGlove® Volt (36cm / Class 00) Latex Insulating Glove

    Unit of issue:
  • 1 pair per bag


  • EN 60903:2003
  • IEC 60903:2014
  • contains latex
Product Highlights
  • Class 00, for a maximum working AC voltage of 500V
  • Industry leading latex manufacturing techniques and expertise allows gloves to be as soft and thin as possible offering the maximum level of the dexterity to the user
  • 36cm length for protection up the wrist
Electrical Handling :
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with our leather Protector Gauntlet (RE-PRO & RE-PRO/NB) for additional longevity and mechanical protection
  • Excellent electrical resistance
Lining :
  • Lightly powdered to ensure easy donning and doffing
Chemical Resistant :
  • Passes special properties 'RC' for protection against acid, oil, ozone and extremely low temps
Class 00 electrical insulating natural rubber latex gauntlet, 36cm with cut edges. The ergonomic shape of the glove and its slightly powdered interior make for easy donning and doffing. The soft and flexible rubber provides great dielectric properties, while our technique and expertise allow us to make gloves as thin as possible to offer the maximum level of dexterity.
Packing : 1 pair per bag
Size Range : 8-11
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pdf SuperGlove® Volt Latex Insulating Glove Data Sheet pdf 445.6 KB Download
pdf RE00360 SuperGlove® Volt Latex Insulating Glove CE Conformity Statement pdf 166.1 KB Download
pdf Periodic Re-testing and Shelf Life of Electrical Gloves pdf 197.4 KB Download

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Contains latex which may cause allergic reactions, including anaphylactic response.
Contains accelerator chemicals which may cause type IV skin irritation and contact dermatitis in sensitised individuals.
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