Katrin Inclusive System Toilet Roll Dispenser ‑ Black

    Unit of issue:
  • 1 per pack

  • 1360 - 1600 sheets, depending on paper quality.
  • Better paper accessibility at the front of the dispenser opening.
  • Can be refilled while the second roll is in use, so tissue is always available.
  • Easy and quick access to replace existing roll
  • Holds two System toilet rolls.
  • No searching around inside the dispenser opening for the loose end of the paper roll.
  • Seamless dispensing with drop-down roll system and adjustable roll brake.
  • The lock can be used with or without a key.
  • Katrin Inclusive Dispensers are quality checked by Bureau Veritas for performance, durability, Hazardous substances, Workmanship, Controlled production.

High capacity, low maintenance toilet roll system offering a high sheet volume in a compact dispenser. The dispenser holds up to 1600 sheets, the equivalent of up to 8 standard toilet rolls. This ensures that there is always paper in the system which in turn reduces refill frequencies.

402mm (h) x 154mm (w) x 174mm (d)
Product Colour : Black
Packing : 1 per pack

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