PIERCAN is a world leading producer of drybox gloves, with more than 210 000 gloves sold per year. These consist of emulsion gloves (natural rubber and neoprene) and dissolving gloves (CSM, Butyl, EPDM, Polyurethane, multilayer). They have a vast range, comprising drybox gloves that may or my not be fitted to a support ring. Piercan specialise in selling to the pharmaceutical, nuclear, veterinary & microbiology and hospital sectors.

The company was formed in 1949 with its head office in Paris. Its manufacturing plants are based in Normandy, France and San Diego, USA.

Polyco Healthline is proudly the only UK partner and reseller of PIERCAN gloves. Our supply partnership is 25 years old.

The Gauntlet / Sleeve Range

Our range includes both gauntlets and sleeves and covers every dimensional requirement the market presents from 136mm to 350mm diameter ports in a total of 10 material options:

Natural Rubber Latex


CSM (formerly Hypalon)




EPDM in both Black and white on
black options


Radiation Protecting Polyurethane

Supporting Products

In addition to the above, the range also includes products which form a total solution to your containment requirements including:

Glove to sleeve attachment systems (including the revolutionary BCS “Bayonet Connection System” allowing an easy and secure method of performing glove changes in situ without the need to break containment.

Fully engineered Gauntlet change system (STIC) again allowing an easy and secure method of performing glove changes in situ without the need to break containment 

O-Rings in both Nitrile and Silicon

Flexible Containment Products

Recently we have introduced this exciting array of products produced by Piercans’ subsidiary Piercan Tech which are dedicated to specific areas of containment including:

Half Suits

Flexible Canopies and Isolators

Individual Isolation chambers

Bags and glove bags



The CE Standard

The framework of the CE legislation on PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) has changed a great deal over the past few years. The gloves sold by PIERCAN are compliant with the new European Regulation 2016/425, which came into force definitively in 2019, and permanently replaces Directive 89/686/EEC

PIERCAN gloves meet the following standards worldwide:

  • EN 420: general requirements for gloves
  • EN 374: chemical risks
  • EN 388: mechanical risks
  • EN 421: nuclear risks

ISO Certifications


PIERCAN has been ISO 9001 certified for a number of years. Quality is therefore a core concept at a Group level.

PIERCAN has been ISO 14001 certified since 2010. Rooted in sustainable development, the PIERCAN company is conscious of the environmental impact of its industrial operations and wishes to reduce these negative effects as far as possible.

Areas of Application

Health - Pharmaceutical

Health - Hospital


University - Research


Food Industry

Such is the specialist nature of these products please contact directly with your specific requirements / designs for us to work with you in developing a custom solution to your needs.

For more information on Piercan gloves and tech please click the link to the PIERCAN website

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