PHJUG005 Caretex® Graduated Measuring Jug (1000ml)

    Unit of issue:
  • 100 pieces per case
  • Steady when standing due to flat bottom surface.
  • Graduated to aid liquid measurement.
  • Disposable product for increased hygiene and reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Easy to store as each product is stackable and separate
  • Made of recyclable materials
  • Strong sides able to support weight of contents when full
Introducing the Caretex® Graduated Measuring Jug (1000ml) in Brown. This disposable jug is stackable, facilitating storage, and features clear graduations for precise liquid measurement. Crafted from recyclable materials with sturdy sides that can support its contents, this jug ensures hygiene and reduces cross-contamination risks. The flat bottom guarantees stability during use.
Product Colour : Brown
Packing : 100 pieces per case
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