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Together the staff at Polyco Healthline can provide you with a wealth of expertise

At Polyco Healthline we are proud of our ‘Expert Eye’ team members that specialise in their field and are on hand when you need them. Providing you access to these 12 experts will enrich your knowledge around our business compliance and products which can then be passed on to your customers and workforce. Ultimately creating a safer and cleaner world for both you and your customers.

David Langridge

The Technical & Compliance Expert

David has a wealth of experience working in various Test and Research facilities, Consultant Research Projects and Quality Management. He now manages our Laboratory & Technical functions within the company ensuring our products are always compliant with the latest PPE regulations. David and his team can provide technical support to both the customers and sales teams with the option to view demonstrations in our fully equipped testing laboratory.

Phil Vanes

The Critical Environment Expert

With over 33 years experience working within the glove industry including 20 years in the Critical Environment gloves sector, Phil is a specialist in his field. Not only can he support and advise on critical environment gloves, but he can also assist in the selection of glovebox units, isolators and many other important considerations found in ‘cleanrooms’. Phil’s expertise and guidance means you can offer the greatest protection to both your workforce and customers in high-risk roles such as cleanroom technicians whilst ensuring your business stays fully compliant within the Critical Environment Industry.

Irving Squires 

The Polythene Expert

Irving has nearly three decades of time served experience in the polythene industry having worked for some of the UK’s largest manufacturers and importers. He has developed a detailed understanding of the importance of the close connection between businesses in the wholesale medical and janitorial market and their relationship with the Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association (The CHSA).

He fully understands how our customers value the importance of Polyco Healthline sourcing high quality , dependable, products from all of the world and how we have embraced new polythene technologies and designs which show real environmental and commercial benefits to our customer base.  

Michael Knight

The Public Healthcare Expert

Michael is our Area Sales Manager and specialises in providing cross contamination solutions and PPE to the NHS. Michael is proud to hold an Advanced Medical Industry Accreditation which allows him to offer Study Days for medical staff within the various NHS settings, along with glove audits and sluice room audits. He has also provided and supported surgical glove trials in operating theatres across the country, which is paramount in ensuring our NHS have access to the very best in PPE products.

 Michael’s expertise is invaluable to our NHS, with our PPE products he can advise how best to improve infection control and reduce cross-contamination, whilst helping the healthcare sector optimise their PPE budgets.

Karen Gunning

The Compliance Expert

Karen is our Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs Manager, she has over 28 years experience in her field covering medical devices, barrier technology, product compliance and regulations. Karen and her team can advise and support in product selection from gloves to coveralls, pulp and polythene.

Karen’s extensive knowledge on medical devices ensures she knows exactly which products your business would best benefit from. We take great pride in our Quality Assurance; it is paramount our products adhere to all the required compliance and regulations in their entirety. Karen and her team work tirelessly to ensure complete confidence in the products we provide, not just to the UK but also to the EU and International markets.

Colin Moffett

The Industrial Glove Expert

Colin is our Head of Industrial Sales, he can support and advise across a wide range of industries from engineering and construction to pharmaceutical. His focus is on minimizing work related injuries and improving the health and safety within our customer’s working environments.

By connecting directly with end users onsite he can assess and provide the most suitable solutions for you and your workforce, such as the correct gloves, suitable PPE, isolators and more.

Colin prides himself on being able to select the right customer solution and by offering a tiered Bronze, Silver or Gold option for the majority of risks he assesses he is confident he can offer these solutions at the right price too.

Paul England

The Field Expert

As our Southern Regional Sales Manager, Paul has 25 years of experience in PPE and predominantly gloves which makes him the best person to advise on the most suitable products and solutions for your business.

Working with companies in various industries such as garages, automotive and food factories, Paul can understand your PPE product requirements and offer solutions.

Paul’s focus is to gain a deeper understanding of the problems customers face by spending time in the field, allowing him to offer tailored products and solutions.

Priya Nikiforou

The Retail Expert

Priya’s role as our Retail Product Manager draws on her cross departmental experience including, customer impulse purchasing, product knowledge and category management. Priya enjoys the variety of her role which can see her visiting with customers, factories and onsite visits, product development and supporting the technical team with product compliance.

As our Retail Product Manager, Priya is involved with new product development from concept to launch. Working with the supply chain teams and using gap analysis and best price policy, Priya and the team can source and offer the most functional, convenient, cost-effective products to our customers whilst ensuring access to the latest product lines within the B2B and B2C markets.

David Cardall

The Healthcare Expert

As our Head of NHS & Healthcare Sales, David has over 15 years of experience within the healthcare sector, having managed and overseen the management of our largest Healthcare & Care accounts, as well as being heavily involved in the continued evolution of our Healthcare product range.

David’s extensive product and sector knowledge, ensures that we can offer tailored product and services packages, which are bespoke to the needs and requirements our of Healthcare & Care customers. David and the Healthcare team, take pride in ensuring that customer’s have a partner, rather than just a supplier, to help guide them through the ever changing challenges facing the sector.

Fuad Khan

The Sustainable Packaging Expert

Fuad is our Pulp Product Manager, his passion and drive comes from wanting to see more sustainable products and greener alternatives available to our customers. Fuad and his team have launched a thermoformed pulp as an alternative to plastic packaging, it is with this innovative product he will continue to produce new eco-friendly and more sustainable lines and bring them to the ever-changing market.

Fuad would love to see Thermofibre replace plastic within businesses and part of his role is to encourage customer use and confidence in the Thermofibre products. By educating and advising on what Thermofibre is capable of and how it can work within customer settings we hope to see an increased uptake of  greener alternatives when developing their packaging solutions.

The only challenge we have now is dispelling performance concerns around greener solutions. Fuad and his team are always available to advise on any of these issues meaning a greener company for our customers is just a phone call away.

Katy Halliday

The Customer Service Expert

Having joined the business initially 2 days a week Katy has now been with the organisation for 6 years and is our Customer Service Manager, she also heads up our internal Sales Team. With an extensive background in customer service and sales roles, Katy works with both teams to ensure our customers receive a proactive, knowledgeable and professional experience, and to ensure that we are always looking at ways to improve our practices and efficiencies.

Katy works very closely with all internal stakeholders, in particular our external sales Team to ensure a collaborative approach, as well as supporting on customer visits to our office to ensure we better understand the needs and requirements of our customers. The office environment and creating a positive, proactive workplace is also very important to Katy, she strives to keep the teams motivated and drive cohesion and community, each week she ensures that they all come together to do a variety of activities to support this, be it a mindfulness session, a team walking challenge or a lunch event where all members of the team prepare a dish. Happy Customer Service Team = Happy Customers!

Alice Goldsmith

The B2C Expert

Alice joined Polyco Healthline in 2015, she has gained valuable experience as an Internal Account Manager and Internal Sales Manager, and she has recently taken up a role as our National Account Manager for our Direct business. During the last 8 years Alice has built up an in-depth knowledge of our vast product range, customer base and relevant industries. Working in different roles and cross functionally in the business has provided Alice crucial insight into customer service, operational and logistics processes and she uses this information to offer her B2C customers world class sales and service support, ensuring that she can deliver the key products and services that our customers rely on us for.

After surviving the unprecedented demands that the Covid pandemic created, including inadequate product supply, unstable markets, erratic pricing, and many other business hardships, Alice is well set up to manage her way through the ever-changing needs of our customers and the environment we find ourselves in.

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