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Memberships & Accreditations

Our organisation is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality, sustainable and ethical practices. We demonstrate our commitment through a range of respected accreditations and memberships, ensuring that our operations, products, and services consistently uphold environmental stewardship, social responsibility and excellence in quality.


Below is a list of memberships & accreditations that we are proudly involved with:

Marine Conservation:

Accreditation or involvement in marine conservation indicates a commitment to preserving and protecting marine ecosystems through sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.


The International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) unites the industry to create a vibrant future, addressing global issues through fresh produce and floral solutions. As the largest international association in the field, IFPA supports prosperity through advocacy, connections, and guidance.


The Cleaning & Hygiene Suppliers Association is dedicated to maintaining high standards within the cleaning and hygiene industry through rigorous audits and adherence to a code of practice.


Supplier Ethical Data Exchange is a global membership organisation that aims to drive improvements in ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains.


SATRA Technology Centre is a leading research and technology organisation providing testing, certification, and technical services to various industries, particularly footwear and PPE.


On-Pack Recycling Label is a UK-based system that provides clear and consistent recycling information on product packaging, helping consumers correctly recycle materials.


The Global Medical Device Nomenclature system provides a standardised naming convention for medical devices, facilitating better communication and regulatory compliance within the healthcare industry.

BSIF - Safe Supplier Scheme:

This British Safety Industry Federation scheme certifies suppliers of safety equipment who meet the highest standards of product quality and service, ensuring reliable and safe PPE for end users.


The Foodservice Packaging Association represents the foodservice packaging industry, promoting the responsible manufacturing and use of packaging to enhance sustainability and environmental protection.

ISO 9001:

An international standard for quality management systems, ensuring organisations meet customer and regulatory requirements and demonstrate continuous improvement.

ISO 14001:

An international standard for environmental management systems, helping organisations improve their environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste.

ISO 13485:

An international standard specific to quality management systems for medical devices, ensuring consistent design, development, production, and delivery of safe medical devices.

BRC Consumer Products 4: 

Previously called the ‘British Retail Consortium’, BRC now stands for ‘Brand Reputation through Compliance’ and was founded by retailers who wanted to harmonise food safety standards across the supply chain. In the manufacturing area we follow the clauses and guidance in the BRC global standard 'Consumer Products issue 4 (CP4) personal care and household', to enable us to produce safe, legal products in accordance with customer quality requirements. 

LSAS Level 3:

The Labour Standards Assurance System Level 3 is a framework ensuring that organisations manage their labour practices responsibly and ethically, particularly in the supply chain.

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