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At Polyco Healthline, we're committed to excellence and we’re proud that our people are at the heart of our success. Our company values underpin everything that we do and enable us to be a courageous and forward-thinking business, and a unique and rewarding place to work. 

We keep it simple

Since selling our first coverall in 1968, we've kept our feet firmly on the ground. We like it that way and we've found that our customers do too. It's easy to overcomplicate things so we work hard to simplify processes, to reduce excess and to optimise wherever we can.

We work together

We believe that by working together in true partnership we can overcome obstacles and develop progressive solutions in our business, in our industry and for our world. 

We care

It may sound obvious when we’re supplying the Health & Safety industry but these two small words mean the world to us. Whether we’re engaging with our employees or our customers, or developing more sustainable solutions, care in everything we do is our highest priority.

We are ambitious

With our agile approach, significant industry experience and invaluable partnerships we are equipped and ready to rise to the challenge and drive innovative, market-leading developments in protection and hygiene solutions.

Our Employee Benefits

We Offer:

  • Generous holiday package
  • Family friendly and hybrid working options
  • Critical illness cover
  • Life assurance cover
  • Salary sacrifice pension scheme
  • Employee assistance programme
  • Money back on routine health costs e.g. optician, dentist, osteopath
  • Retail discounts and savings
  • Discounted staff shopping portal
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Free parking at our Bourne site
  • Electric car charging facilities

If you’d like to join us, please share your ambitions and CV by emailing

[email protected]

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Our Commitment to a more Sustainable World

We Care For Our Community

  • We actively connect with our local community to offer sustainable and fulfilling employment opportunities
  • We work with local schools and colleges to support students into the world of work
  • We offer apprenticeships, work experience and internships
  • We are proud sponsors of several local charities and sports clubs

For more information about PhAMBITION and our business sustainability goals

In Their Own Words

What are your future ambitions?  
My long-term goals involve growing within the company by continuing to learn and take on additional responsibilities, to contribute and add value to our team’s work.

Describe your experience of our company culture?  
It's a controlled environment with diverse workforce. Health and safety is the first priority which makes me feel safe here. No person is left behind. 

What is your team like? 
I have a great relationship with my team, we work together to achieve daily targets and we can confidently say that we never fail.

What parts of our company values do you connect with?  
Polyco Healthline company values are We keep it simple, We work together, We are ambitious and We care. By putting them all together, I connect with all of them. In busy daily life it's good to know that people will always come and help as a team, if needed, and each and every one will do their best to achieve set goals. 

Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?  
My hardworking co-workers who I have seen grow and learn new skills alongside me. Friendships that we have developed as a group. Our management team, who guide us to reach our potential. 

Which benefits are your favourite and why? 
My favourite benefit in our company is the Hapi platform. It gives me access to great deals and savings as well as useful services.

What’s the most unique part about working here?  
Seeing how the company has grown in past years and being introduced to new technology, these things have developed my personal skills. Being a diverse workplace, I like to see my co-workers from different backgrounds, achieve goals and be part of our community. 

How have you grown professionally while on our team?  
Whilst being in this role, I have had the opportunity to help in other departments which has given me the chance to gain experience and knowledge.

What were you doing before you started at Polyco Healthline?
Before working at Polyco Healthline I worked in the adventure travel industry, and whilst not directly related to the PPE industry, it has distilled in me a ‘can do’ and ‘anything is possible’ attitude. I have been fortunate that the company has helped me grow and learn the skills required for my role.

What attracted you to Polyco Healthline 
When I applied to Polyco Healthline I didn’t know a huge amount about the company. But, as I think is important, I went to the interview with an open mind to learn more about the company. With a stroke of luck, I discovered a tight knit community, with a great team and great opportunities!  

What do you do in your role?
I am fortunate enough to really enjoy my role, as it allows me to be creative, analytical, and see projects from start to finish. Whilst no two days are the same, a typical day may involve, brainstorming new product innovations and enhancements, conducting commercial reviews of product ranges, and creating and bringing to market specific product solutions to customer problems. To do this I am lucky enough to work with brilliant Technical, Supply Chain, Marketing, and Sales teams on a very regular basis.

What do you enjoy about working for Polyco Healthline?
Most of all I enjoy that I am trusted to explore opportunities that I think are interesting.

What are your future ambitions? 
In the short term my ambition is to be the best Category Manager possible. In terms of specific longer term future ambitions, I always try to keep an open mind. I try to focus on doing the best job possible now, whilst equipping myself with skills and knowledge that can be applied to a variety of positions. Rather than saying ‘no’ to opportunities that don’t fit with a ‘specific view’ of what my career should look like I try to evaluate each opportunity that arises on its own merit. So far this way of thinking has enabled me to find the role that I feel suits me perfectly, a role that five to ten years ago I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to peruse.

What is your team like?
My team is great, we are all very supportive of each other. Our role entails a lot of individual working, but we still manage to have a great team spirit. The best thing about our team is that we are all quite diverse in our strengths, this means that I have been able to learn from such a great depth of strengths.

What are some things you’ve noticed about our leadership team? 
I have always noticed that our leadership team are approachable and genuinely interested in us as staff members. This creates a very open and relaxed atmosphere, where people feel at ease to share ideas and be creative. I think we are quite unique in this regard.

What parts of our company values do you connect with?
The two company values I feel I connect with most are ‘we are ambitious’, and ‘we care’.

Given my role, I connect with ‘we are ambitious’ in a big way. In terms of product innovations, we are constantly working to ‘step change’ the PPE industry in the most ambitious ways possible. Not happy with simply providing the most cutting edge, technically advanced products we are also trying to make products as environmentally friendly as possible. 

For me part of being productive is about being happy at work. This isn’t possible without being in a caring environment, and as such I connect with the value ‘we care’ a lot.

Which benefits are your favourite and why?
I really appreciate how forward thinking we have become with the new hybrid way of working brought about during the pandemic. This has meant that during the day I have been able to get out on my lunch break for a run or quick bike ride. If this has overrun my lunch break, it is great that I am able to work a little later in the evening to make the time back.

How have you grown professionally while on our team?
I have been very fortunate to work in a few roles within the company, all of which have grown me professionally. Since working in the Product/ Category Management team it feels like I learn something new every day! Initially in this department I emersed myself in the product range, how it is produced, and how to meet the needs of the customer. I invested a lot of time learning technical capabilities of each constituent part of a product, their manufacturing efficiencies, and what was being innovated. Recently my focus has been more towards commercial awareness, and decision-making. This has led me to build on my love of products, and focus on their commercial viability.

What were you doing before you started at Polyco Healthline?
I had just finished BSc Computer Science degree course at Aston University and was looking for an opportunity to start my career in Development.

What attracted you to Polyco Healthline?
The company values were the main reason for me to start working here. I have always wanted to be part of a company that cares. The service provided by the company also had a huge part. It gives me great work satisfaction to be part of a company that provides protection and hygiene products for both home and workplaces.

What do you do in your role?
I work with the Business System Development team, providing support to end users mainly with our CRM and ERP systems. 

I have supported EDI transition as well, moving from data transition from our previous datastore system to new data warehouse.

Our recent achievements include migrating all our internal reports from Targit to Microsoft Power BI, providing users with an easily customisable platform and mobile access to reports wherever they are. 

What do you enjoy about working for Polyco Healthline?
I love the work culture, where everyone helps each other and makes you feel like we are all part of one big team.

What are your future ambitions? 
I hope to further develop my knowledge of AX, get more back-end experience with customising the application and developing new user interfaces. 

Describe your experience within our company culture?
Everyone I have met and worked with so far has been very friendly and easy to communicate with. We stick to our values and keep it simple. Most of my colleagues have been working here for a few years, and from experience I understand that it’s because the company makes you feel like you are all part of one team.

What is your team like?
I work in a very friendly team of four - my manager and two other colleagues. They are very supportive and encouraging. Whenever anyone is struggling with any of their tasks the others are always there to lend a hand and work on it together. 

What are some things you’ve noticed about our leadership team?
We don’t have a strict corporate culture, occasionally I would see our directors and executive members coming down to different departments and having friendly chats. The leadership team is very encouraging and supportive, at the same time they don’t expect work that’s beyond your ability. 

What parts of our company values do you connect with?
All four of our values are very close to me but if choosing one it would be ‘we care’.  Everyone I have worked with in the company cares about their work and does their best to provide the best support for the customers. 

Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?
My manager, he started working at the company in a non-IT role, but his hard work and dedication helped him to be head of the Business Systems Team, which also shows how much the company supports you to develop professionally. 

Which benefits are your favourite and why?
Our employee benefits discount platform.  It was only recently that I started using it regularly. The platform provides discounts for more than 100 retails partners.

How have you grown professionally while on our team?
When I first started working at Polyco Healthline, I didn’t have experience with our ERP & CRM systems and was given on the job training by my manager. He has been very supportive, no matter how many times I ask the same question he was always ready to help me. I also gained a lot of experience and confidence in writing SQL queries. Before joining the company my experience and knowledge was limited to SELECT, WHERE, ORDER BY, but I’m now more confident with joining on multiple tables and using more advanced SQL statements to obtain required data from a different data source.

If you’d like to join us, please share your ambitions and CV by emailing

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