Did you know that UK motorists alone, consume around 100 million plastic tubs of screenwash each year? That is nearly two million plastic tubs sold per week.

These tubs eventually end up in landfill or unfortunately can make their way into our oceans.

An increased concern over plastic pollution in recent years has seen a growing demand for change. This, in turn, is generating a major drive in the industry to find innovative ways to deal with plastic waste.

Many manufacturers are rethinking the way they package products, driving them to redesign or invent new ways of producing everyday items.

Polyco Healthline is no different, we are hard at work finding new solutions to fight plastic pollution. Thats why we are launching the PH Screenwash Tablet to support our Automotive and Retail sectors.

Highly environmentally friendly, our PH Screenwash Tablets are available in blister packs of two. All you need to add is water. A 5L tub of screenwash, in your pocket!

An added benefit of the PH Screenwash tablets is the significant logistical savings due to its pocket size. One case of 100 packs of 2 screenwash tablets is the equivalent of 2 pallets containing 100 tubs of 5L screenwash each. PH Screenwash Tablets will save floor space in storerooms, warehouses and on shop floors.

If we were to deliver a van load of screenwash tablets to our customers, we would effectively take 36 HGV trucks off the road each time.

Another crucial advantage when using screenwash tablets instead of traditional tubs is that there is no risk of chemical spillage. You just need to drop 1 tablet in the screenwash reservoir of the car, fill up with 5L of tap water and let the magic happens!

A pack of PH screenwash tablets will easily fit in the glove box of your car and will be there, ready, for whenever you need it. We now need your support to help this handy little pack conquer the heart of the nation and all motorists around. Let's see how many plastic tubs we can save our planet from.

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