Eco-Friendly Cotton

Polyco Healthline has a strong history in the cotton wool business.

We've not only sourced, spun and delivered thousands of cotton products, we've been instrumental in facilitating the growth of the consumer cotton category.

Our retail experts are passionate about understanding customer and category needs. They regularly canvas consumer opinion through user testing and study groups.

Despite the category being driven by own label, the Polyco Healthline cotton range aims to offer an effective solution and commercial opportunity.

What Customers Demand from Cotton Products

Our sales team are cotton market experts. Working with leading brands in the cosmetics, beauty and retail sectors, they have a great track record for anticipating consumer trends and are on the cutting edge of what cotton wool products can achieve.

Contact Polyco Healthline's cotton experts to:

  • Discover our product range depth and quality - suitable for all channels.
  • Enter into our collaborative research and development program.
  • Gain product innovation proven to drive the category.
  • Be the first to market with new cotton product alternatives.
  • Receive gold-standard service excellence.
  • Get support from our dedicated UK sales and service team.
  • Learn about our care for the environment, offering plastic packaging alternatives.

Brief Overview

Our Standard Product Portfolio

Maxi Square Pads

Bigger pads clean a bigger area. Made of 100% cotton and great for cleaning your whole face with a single pad. Also perfect for use on your baby.

Maxi Oval Pads

A non-fleecing pad with a difference: extra thick, super soft and 100% cotton. Even more absorbent and leaves your skin feeling exfoliated.

Baby Pads

Designed not to leave unwanted cotton fibres on your baby's skin. These 100% cotton pads are super soft but maintain their shape.

Cotton Balls

Great for use as part of a skincare cleansing routine. 100% cotton balls are super absorbent and extra soft.


Our pleats and rolls are big enough to cleanse and dry your baby's skin. 100% cotton, super soft and easy to separate.

Standard Buds

Hard to reach dirt in sensitive spots is no match for our 100% cotton-tipped buds with paper or FSC-certified paper stems.

Baby Safety Buds

Safer cleaning bud for adults, baby and used to clean pets ears, with paper or FSC paper stem. The 100% cotton tips feature a larger soft tip, adding additional comfort and protection.

Duo Buds

Available with four types of 100% cotton tip and with either paper or FSC paper stems. These special buds are great for applying or removing make up. The buds will hold their shape for any application - from tidying mascara to freshening nails.

Bespoke Product Enhancements

While above is our standard product portfolio, we also know that small to large buyers have specific customer needs. Therefore, we're flexible to innovate and adjust our products to deliver a cotton solution that's entirely bespoke.

  • Surface texturing to make the cotton pad or tip better suited for a specific use.
  • Natural additives to suit various skin types and specifically for both adult and baby formats.
  • Colour or material adjustments to match your brand's vision of the perfect cotton product.
  • Packaging design so your customers know 100% that each cotton product belongs to you.

Paper stemmed cotton buds; Softening the blow on the environment

By 2050, it's predicted that plastic in the ocean will outweigh fish.

  • Plastic pollution is a world problem, today the ocean is filled with about 165 million tons of plastic.
  • Each year, 8m tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea.
  • Plastic bags, micros beads and plastic bud stems can end up in our food chain.

We want to make a difference and support a change in people's attitude towards plastic. To do so, we help key retailers in the UK, Europe and the across the world protect marine life, by switching paper and FSC-certified paper stemmed cotton buds.

Because our cotton bud stems offer 50% higher bend-resistance than our competitors, our products maintain consumer confidence.

Progessive Partnerships and Fulfilment

To date, we've removed 267 tonnes of plastic from the cotton wool category.

That's the same weight as 610 grey seals.

Did you know? Cotton is one of the world's most eco-friendly materials?

Progessive Partnerships and Fulfilment

As a global supplier of hygiene and protection products, Polyco Healthline is in the business of sourcing new and exclusive manufacturing partners. Together, we leverage new technology to provide the optimum blend of production volume, product development and value engineering.

We also know the daily challenges you face. Whether through globalisation, e-commerce or maintaining a high street presence, multiple channels and touch-points lead to complex logistics. Thankfully, our highly experienced team, warehouse capacity and supply chain network enable us to provide a just-in-time service to an omni-channel customer landscape.

Ready to Drive Customer Loyalty through High Quality Cotton Products?

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